Video Production Services

Videos are considered a great and robust marketing medium that can help you effectively engage with your target audience. Greater engagement means that your services or products will reach a lot of people, which ultimately results in increased sales and boosting your revenue.

If your company still hasn’t embraced video production services, then trust me, now is the time to start creating visuals beyond the traditional marketing pieces like print and billboard. Most highly reviewed and larger staffed professional video production companies will offer a range of video production services for shooting various types of video content.

It’s ideal to partner with a video production company if you cannot afford to hire an in-house team. Or you plan on only shooting a few projects per year. In the following section, we will explain some of the common types of video production:

Common Types Of Video Content

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Video content can shot for many purposes. Before you hire any production company for your project, think about what type of video you intend on producing. What’s the main goal of the video you’d like to reach?

The following are some of the most common types of video content offered by production companies:

 Event Video Services

These types of videos can range from 30 seconds to more than 3 hours. It can be a multi-camera production, “recap” or an event teaser video. These types of services are utilized for meetings, lectures, weddings, sports, performances, trade shows, expos and other live events.

Educational Video Services

These mainly consist of PSAs, explainer videos, how-to-videos, and tutorials. The goal is to educate the consumer on a company, product, service or cause. These can be 30-second quick videos or longer. Longer videos are mainly produced for more in-depth topics.

Corporate Video Services

These include everything from case studies, promotional videos, brand culture videos, extensive training videos and recruitment videos. These videos are generally between 1 to 60 minutes. They’re informative but also aspirational. 

Social Media Video Services

Social media videos can include narration, music, and text and are generally between 15 to 60 seconds. Most of these videos try to get to the ‘viral’ status where it’s shared millions of times. It’s hard to get them to this point, but one thing to consider is all that do go ‘viral’ are completely original and unique. This particular type of video is utilized across different social media platforms including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, etc.

Advertising Or Commercial Video Services

Commercials can be animated, docu-style, or scripted. These videos usually range from 30 to 90 seconds. These types of videos might include pre-roll, product/service launch, branded content, sponsored content, etc.

Real Estate Video Services

These types of videos are under 5 minutes. Multiple filming techniques are utilized to show the real estate properties in the best light…literally! They can include angles like timelapse, slow motion, sliders, drones, etc.

Final Verdict

After reading this detailed guide you should have a very good grasp about the most common types of video content services that are provided by a professional video production agency. If you’re still curious on what types of videos you can have produced for your company, please contact us for a free consultation.