The Affilorama Review

In this Affilorama program review, I will deep dive and show you what this affiliate training program is all about so you can decide whether or not you should be investing in this to learn to make money on the internet with Affiliate Marketing.

There are so many scams out there, that sometimes, one has to be careful when making a decision on whether to buy certain training programs or not.

Affiliate Marketing as a whole is a 100% legit industry, that’s the good news. And this Affilorama Review will reveal to you whether this is the right training for you.

The Affilorama Review

The good news it, that the Affilorama program is actually a decent affiliate marketing training program. It has been around for many years and consists of 120 video lessons. That shows you how to set up an affiliate business from start to finish.

The course was created by Mark Ling and has been around for many years. In terms of the price, it will cost you $67 per month to get started but they do have a free 30-day trial.

They also have a 2-month money-back guarantee which is quite long if you ask me. Most programs either give you 30 days or no refunds at all! 

They have a few upsells like the Affilo Tool, Affilo Jetpack and Affilo Blueprint. Which are a set of tools and upgraded training to help you get better results with your Affiliate Marketing efforts.

The Affilorama Program Review – Pros & Cons

The Affilorama Program Review

This is actually a decent program for its time. The major issue though is that it is an old program and it hasn’t been updated in years.

It feels as though Mark Ling started it, ran with it for a while and then decided to change focus. So the program is still open, but the content is super outdated.

As you know, the internet space changes year on year, and if you don’t update your training, the strategies can become obsolete very quickly.

The other issue is, a lot of the training is focused on setting up a WordPress blog and then ranking it on Google.

That can be a good strategy, but it is slow, take many many months and Google changes their algorithm all the time, which means you could be ranking for keywords one day and then you’ll be gone the next.

So a slow and risky way to build your affiliate business especially if you are brand new and just getting started.

If the Affilorama program was newer and more up-to-date, I would rate it higher. But because Mark hasn’t done much with it in the last few years, the outdatedness of it will cause a lot of students and marketers problems when the strategies they try and implement don’t work anymore.

For that reason, I give it a 2 out of 5 stars. 

It was great when it was new, but now the shine has really worn out and there are much better and more up-to-date courses that will teach you how to navigate the Affiliate Marketing world much better.