Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Gone are days when the surveyors had to visit door to door to conduct any medical survey. There are several software available out there that promise to help you serve your patients and collect their reviews and also undocumented equal Patient Satisfaction Survey with the help of the software.

The software allows you to measure the satisfaction of the patients. It helps you the medical practitioners and the doctors to improve their practice and get to your weak points as well. You can say that it not only helps in expanding your reach to a larger group of patients but also helps you leave your imprints in your patient’s mind.

What could be better than software that helps you ease your task of gathering the feedback of your patients and trying and implementing the suggestions given up by them? How this does not mean that you respond to every feedback and suggestion. Being a physician we should only be interested in providing satisfaction to your patients, this patient feedback survey would be of great help to you.

Benefits of patient feedback survey

If you are planning to improve and expand your practice, patient feedback is an important aspect. Patients give feedback concerning medical staff, the nurses, physicians, medical technician, and others that interacted with the patient during their treatment and stay at the hospital.

And this patient feedback survey portal is a two-way portal for the patients and the health care sectors. The health care sector interacts with their payment via these portals. They can also focus on improving any possible improvements necessary like for example improvements in your waiting room, the patient check-in and appointment procedures, and many more.

These are not the only benefits of patient feedback surveys. Here are some of the other benefits of the patient feedback survey to the healthcare sector which helps them reach out to their patients and provide the best services.

Helps in the assessment of patient satisfaction

you can know your patience a little better with the help of patient feedback survey portals and applications. You can conduct simple lifestyle surveys via these portals and get to know about their habits and personal experience they had with hospital staff, the physician, and the hospital as a whole inclusive of all the services and the treatment provided to them. 

Makes your survey more convenient

Patient Surveys | HosPortal

The survey portals help in gathering responses of your patients through a convenient approach rather than the traditional door-to-door survey. You can make the survey portal available to your patients either via the website or through e-mails, or the most common these days is a mobile application that can be easily installed by the patients on their smartphones.

Helps in knowing your patient

With software like these, you can get to know your patience like for instance about their habits inclusive of smoking, drinking alcohol tobacco consumption, about the diet and exercise routine, personal hygiene habits related to past histories and hospitalizations which would help diagnose and provide the correct treatment.


Make your practice approachable with the help of patient feedback surveys.