Enhancing Your Documents with Abu Dhabi Translation

We are one of the top translation firms in Abu Dhabi and in the whole UAE and our zip code is 51133. However, we provide Abu Dhabi translation services for all government documents as well.

Any certificate or document in a language other than Arabic intended for submission to the Traffic Department (for information on how to get a driver’s license in Abu Dhabi, see the related post from services), Immigration Department, the Courts, the Ministry of Labor, or any other official department in Abu Dhabi must be translated by a legal translator certified by the UAE Ministry of Justice

As a result of our accurate, rapid, and professional translation services in Abu Dhabi, we know how to grab the attention of the crowd. Further, we adhere to the highest international standards and best practices, and we set industry norms for creativity and accuracy.  

Because of our reactivity, accuracy, and administration of large-volume projects within tight deadlines, we serve a valuable pool of clients, including government departments, law firms, embassies, ministries, foreign enterprises, media organizations, and so on.

What Is Quality Assurance In Translation?

What Is Quality Assurance In Translation?

Our group is made up of highly trained and experienced translators and linguists who have a minimum of a Master’s degree in translation or linguistics.

Competent Translators

Our team consists of native translators from Mohammad bin Zayed city, Khalifa city, Hamdan street and so on, language specialists that have been rigorously examined and chosen with the goal of delivering only high-quality results. However, these translators and interpreters are fluent in both their native language and the language they are translating to or from.

You do not have to look further and entrust your essential document translation services, proofreading, editing, and needs of localization to us. We will manage to complete it for you by accurately communicating what needs to be expressed in the most effective manner possible. 

Prices within Reach

We provide reasonable rates for our customers. Therefore, our goal is to communicate with our clients so that all task specifics are clear. For any translation project, we charge a reasonable per-word rate. We provide certified translations in addition to standard document translations. 

We have created a fantastic, fully functional project management system that we update on a regular basis to provide our clients with the best possible service.

Services offered with Abu Dhabi Translations

Services we provide for Abu Dhabi translations are as follows:

  • Marketing translation
  • Website translation
  • Legal translation
  • Subtitling
  • Conference interpretation
  • Business translation
  • Sports translation
  • Creative translation

Marketing Translation

Marketing Translation

One minor mistake in marketing translation can mean the difference between success and failure, and it will have an impact on all of your hard-working strategies. So, marketing is a difficult job because it necessitates the careful formulation of marketing materials based on a complete grasp of political, religious and cultural issues, as well as marketing aims and objectives, in a given country.

Only by developing a full understanding of the target audience, we will be able to deliver high-quality target texts. Moreover, we have a multi-cultural workforce with extensive expertise and certifications in the field of marketing, as well as great writing skills.

Website Translation

Website content translation is normally a time-consuming aspect of website localization, but it is critical for your company’s success in the new market or with the new audience you want to attract. So, the content and phrases of your website serve as a direct line of communication with your website visitors.

A competent translation of your website will utilize proper terminology appropriate for your audience and will be culturally relevant to them in order to preserve a professional image of your brand and business. The choice of language that is culturally relevant to your audience builds trust in your website.

Legal Translation

The translation of text in the subject of law is known as legal translation. The majority of legal documents are precise and completely technical in nature, attempting to describe legally binding rights and obligations. 

As a result, the matching of these rights and responsibilities in the source text and translation is critical. Because it is a culture-dependent field and further, legal language is not necessarily linguistically transparent.


Subtitling, which is part of subordinate translation, is a sort of audiovisual translation with its own set of standards. So, before diving into the world of translation, it’s important to understand that there are time and space constraints that cast direct shadows on the target text.

Our subtitling methodology considers the following factors:

  • Adaptation of the original utterance into the audience’s target language.
  • Spotting, or the time at which a subtitle appears in each camera shot or scene, together with its duration.
  • Simulation as a representation of the scene’s synchronized captions; and Correction or inaccuracies.

Conference Interpretation

Conference Interpretation

Conference interpretation is a method of communicating at multilingual meetings by translating the speaker’s message from one language into another for listeners who would otherwise be unable to follow it.

Conference interpretation is a different intellectual exercise than written translation, and it necessitates various abilities in the heat of dispute, such as the ability to think and, in certain situations, think and speak as they speak.

Business Translation

Texts have cultural relevance in the translation notion, which should be mirrored in the target text or audience. 

In Business Translation, total fluency in the language is required, as well as a professional awareness of the document’s purpose to compel the recipient to act or make a decision and to attract attention to your project, business, or proposal.

The following are some examples of business documents: 

  • Marketing studies, research, market surveys and flyers, brochures, and leaflets; 
  • Company magazines and newsletters; 
  • Business planning and sales brochures.

Sports Translation

Sports translation assists professional firms or people in the sports industry with marketing by translating promotional materials to invite or enlighten the target audience in whichever manner the customer prefers, i.e. in writing or speech.

It’s crucial to note, however, that sports translation necessitates a thorough understanding of the laws and regulations that regulate a particular sport, whether internationally, federally, or locally. 

Creative Translation

Creative Translation

The art of translating a piece of writing from one language into another while keeping the same level of beauty and eloquence as the source material is known as creative translation. Moreover, the Abu Dhabi translation firm working in this genre must have the aptitude and skill to comprehend not only the semantics, pragmatics, and psychological weight of the original text but also the target text.