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Do you want to create one of the most highly functional websites? But don’t know where and web developers how to begin? We are here at your rescue.

For those looking for ways to create functional websites helping in attracting traffic when you have arrived at the right destination, this page will help you know everything you need to know about Calgary web development. We all know that developing a smooth functioning website is not a piece of cake, it requires knowledge skills that are an amalgamation of multiple coding languages and programming languages.

Web development is a complex procedure for which you need to have good analytical as well as technical skills as a web developer. Having good analytical and technical skills can help you fulfill the demands of your clients. Looking for a Calgary web development company is a task in itself.

And for this, you need to be very clear about the services you look for in your web developers, and if you desire to be one amongst them these are a few of the basic services that you should provide to your clients to develop the most functional and traffic generating websites.

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Different Calgary Web Development Services

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Here is a detailed overview of the different types of web development that you should be aware of as a web developer and even if you are looking for a good web development company

Front-end web development: 

In simple terms, you can also say that this is a physical form of your website for a user. It is also called client-side view web development. The techniques and the tools used in front-end development constantly change making it a little difficult for the web developer to create a front-end website. It is a technique that is used for creating CSS, JavaScript, or HTML for any website or an application.

Back-end web development: 

Also called server-side web development.  Just like the front-end, web development is the physical form of the website, similarly back end web development manages the functioning of a website.

Meaning that it manages web applications that occur behind the scenes with the help of codes that link the web to a database thereby handling the user connection in running the website. It consists of servers, apps, and databases. Front end along with back end web development help in delivering an excellent user-friendly interface for the website visitors.

Full-stack web development: 

Now this is a combination of both front end and back end web development. It is used for creating both client end and server end for websites and applications. The main function involved in the functions of the front end, back end, and database as well as debugging of websites and applications.


If you are interested in becoming a web developer, these are some of the basic services that you should provide to your clients. Though it is a complicated process, technology is always to your rescue.